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All Aboard the Brain Train

brain trainingBeing successful in life is something that everyone desires. Sharpening your mental skills is a great way to become more than just another face in the crowd, significantly improving your ability to rise above the competition. And you can have fun while doing it.

There are many games out there that require you to use logic, memory and mental agility in order to progress through increasingly difficult tasks, but many people are unaware that there are some excellent websites to be found that use games to target specific functions of the brain in order to increase for example your brain’s memory and logical reasoning ability. Some of these, like Lumosity will allow the user to target specific parts of their brain for improvement. Others, such as Fibonicci, will assess many of your brain’s different areas and channel your training accordingly. While websites like Lumosity eventually will require a paid membership, Fibonicci is a free site that is designed to stimulate your mental acuity as well.

Additionally, there are many simple games that can be played to increase your brain’s functionality that do not require a computer and a connection to the internet. It can be helpful to do simple math problems in your head instead of automatically reaching for a calculator, even if you then use a calculator to check your answers. Another fun game that helps with memory and vocabulary is to observe the letters that you see on license plates while driving and try to use them as the first letter of every word in a phrase or sentence.

It is important to understand that for these games to be effective, short, daily scheduled sessions are recommended; doing something everyday trains your mind for an activity better than an intense cramming session would. As you progress further into these brain training programs you will notice that while the activities increase in difficulty, your ability to adapt to these new challenges will also increase, benefiting your everyday social and business life.

Before long, these mind exercises will become an unconscious habit, and while these subtle effects will be noticeable by those who interact with you daily, you certainly don’t have to tell them why you got that promotion that they were hoping to get.


Choosing the Olympics’ Host Cities

olympic-cityThe Olympics come around every two years, with the hopes of bringing the nations of the world together for weeks at a time in a celebration of unison and honest competition among equals. Countries from all over the world send their best athletes to represent their host country, in hopes of bringing honor -and medals- back home. Athletes train for years before an Olympic event, going through daunting challenges and preparing themselves for the tough event that the Olympics hold.

chartBidding and the Olympic games have been intertwined together for quite a while. So far the first bets regarding the 2020 Olympic game host country have already started, with Tokyo, Instanbul & Madrid being the options. Previous year’s Olympics in 2012 saw the biggest explosion in betting so far. Experts say this was mainly due to the UK’s unique and well developed gambling-infrastructure. Recent reports state that 4.3% of all iPhone users in the UK have at least one gambling related app installed. Sportsbetting covers the biggest share of the market with 45%, followed by casino games with 23%. These are games like roulette and blackjack, but do not include poker. Online sportsbetting is a favorite amongst gamblers due to its sports related nature and the fact that it gives the gambers only slightly worse odds compared to playing blackjack, depending on what strategies are used.

The way the host country for the games is decided is through a long process, handled by the International Olympic Commission (IOC). Every two years, countries around the world place bids to be considered to host the games. The IOC will then consider those cities as “Applicant City.” and will then investigate each city on some basic points. The city must prove that it is big enough to handle the Olympics, they must show that they can host the games in new stadiums and venues, adequate housing such as hotels, and a reliable mass transit system and the high level of security needed at the games and be able to afford the cost of hosting the games. The cities needs to maintain a highly positive media about the games, and then finally if the bid committees do not exercise proper judgment in developing the city to host the Olympics. If the IOC decides that a city has fulfilled the points above, the city goes into the second phase of the process. After submitting an application and an application fee, the IOC makes a final judging on which city is the best candidate for the Olympic Games.

Russia Olympic Torch

Sochi 2014 Olympics

Russia Olympic Torch

The Olympic games this year will be held in Sochi, Russia. The attitude of Russia hosting the events is split; one the negative side, the last time Russia hosted the Olympics was the 1980 Summer Olympics in Soviet Russia, and the U.S. led a boycott that had a whole fleet of countries withdraw from the event. This backlash brought a stigma to Russia, further confirming the already negative view that it had garnered from it’s Soviet Union days. Also, in more recent news, Russia’s President Putin has enacted some unfavorable laws against adoption and LGBTQ rights in his country, so the world has been weary of Russia. The positive side of this however, is the fact that Russia will be able to show what it is capable of, showcasing its rich history and show the world a new Russia, to separate from its dark past, and reveal the rising economy and changes the country has made over the years.

The medals from this Olympic event will be unique in a multitude of ways, the biggest however is a special ingredient added to the metals. The medalists would take home a piece of the giant meteorite that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia one year prior on February 15th. This would commemorate not only the winners, but connect the world to Russia in a unique way.


Don’t miss BlizzCon, even without a ticket

If you are a fan of just one of Blizzard’s many MMO titles than you surely know about BlizzCon. If not, it is a convention held by Blizzard Entertainment to celebrate their major franchises with their many fans. Blizzard’s main games consist of World Of Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft. The convention is held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. This year’s convention will be held on Novemer 8-9.



Largest gaming expo just around the corner


E3 is nearly upon us. The event every gamer looks forward to annually will be arriving June 11-13. EA has once again secured their usual time and place on the day before the event, June 10, starting at 1 pm, thanks to this source here at mynintendonews.

While I don’t have the greatest admiration for EA and their money-hungry way of doing things, I can’t help but think about what we may see and hear from their press conference. It’s only been days now since their announcement of The Sims 4.

_65756545_sochi_2014_ap (1)

Russia to host 2014 Winter Olympics

Let’s Hope We All Remain Peaceful

The Winter Olympics will be held February 2014 in Sochi, Russia for the first time. The Olympics haven’t been held in Russia since Moscow held the Summer Games in 1980. That is best remembered because it is the year the US-led boycott around 50 countries from competing. However, since the collapse of the Soviet Union Russia has re-emerged as a world power and the 2014 Olympic Games will give the world a chance to see a “new Russia” Sochi’s mayor told Time magazine.


World Series Of Poker starts soon

Medication for happiness or your worst addiction? World Series Of Poker starts soon!


The World Series of Poker is beginning May 29 and will last until July 15. It is the largest series of poker tournaments in the world and grows larger each year. It’s held annually in Las Vegas and anyone over the age of 21 is allowed to enter. They have events ranging from No-limit Hold’em to Seven Card Stud and even H.O.R.S.E. Any poker game you could think of likely has an event at this series. 62 events are scheduled this year, one more than last year.

FIFA World Cup

War for the most annoying instrument, As well as FIFA World cup coming next year

The FIFA World Cup. One of, if not THE biggest tournament in European Football. The 2014 World Cup begins June 12, 2014, and will end July 13. Brazil will be hosting the competition it’s second time. It first held the World Cup in 1950 when Uruguay won the championship. Construction is continuing on the stadiums the teams will compete in. Check out the stadiums for the World Cup 2014 (thanks to


Controversial Academy Awards host re-invited

ACADEMY-AWARDSThe Academy Awards have come and gone this year and are now in the backs of everyone’s mind… Except for those who have to plan next year’s Oscars. The controversial host of this years Award show, Seth Macfarlane, has stated on his twitter that he would never host the show again, but that hasn’t stopped the producer’s from reaching out and inviting him back.


Top 5 most shocking sports events


Kobe Bryant’s admittance Lakers star Kobe Bryant was accused of Sexual Assault in 2003. He denied all of the assault accusations but admitted to the adulterous affair, claiming it was mutual. The charges were all dropped but the stain of his affair was still there.